It's Nice That

Super K Sonic Booum Gold- Nov 2010


Two recent projects from Nelly Ben Hayoun, a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art. Nelly’s first attempt at Super K Sonic BOOOOUM became almost ubiquitous with its popularity and we have been lucky enough to get a glimpse into the enhanced golden installation recently showcased at Manchester Science festival.

Nelly brings together monumental teams of scientists, artists and performers to prompt the telling of stories and unravelling of research. Super K Sonic BOOOOUM is an instillation demonstrating the visual equivalent of a sonic boom and allows the public to experience the (Super K) neutrino observatory in Japan through a combination of water, light sound and science.

The Other Volcano raises question about the domestication of nature for entertainment purposes and allows you to be a modern hero of mythology and bring the spectacle of a natural disaster into your home.