July/August '16

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios stand for Total Bombardment. We are the manufacturers of the Impossible. Designers of extreme experiences. Based in London and everywhere: above the sky and below ground.

This month got political, infiltrating government and heading straight to parliament to campaign after the Brexit bombshell that hit us in the UK. We have also flown across the ocean, plotted and planned our next adventure on board a Viking Ship. Meanwhile, we are now investigating the geopolitics of the Design of Experiences at the United Nations with Gabo Arora. 

Next month will see humongous news from us, hitting your inbox in a visual and musical feast for the senses - So get ready, NBH Studios are ready to lift off!

The below - covers just some of what we have been up to this month.

  • Nelly Ben Hayoun announced as Advisor to the UN Virtual Reality Labs
  • NBH at WeTransfer HQ
  • Nelly accepts UAL CSM Teaching Award
  • NBH Studios Featured in It's Nice That, and DAMn Magazine
  • ISO in Riposte Magazine
  • Nelly to speak at Dent:Space and Reasons to Design, Code, Create events
  • NBH hits New York City
  • NBH Studios Member Activities

    NBH announced as Advisor to the United Nations Virtual Reality Lab

    Nelly Ben Hayoun takes advisory position at UN VR Labs.
    Nelly Ben Hayoun announced as Advisor to the United Nations Virtual Reality Lab. She will advise the team at the UN’s Virtual Reality Lab in NYC founded and lead by Gabo Arora. In her advisor’s role, she will foster critical debates on immersive experiences and their roles in politics, engaging diplomats and the public through events and talk series at the United Nations HQ.

    On discussing her appointment with Gabo, Nelly has said, '“We both feel that immersive experiences, VR and the Design of Experiences can extend to the scale of architecture, social systems and play a role in politics. My PhD is all about the design of experiences, political philosophy and power structures in federal institutions, so it was a good fit.”

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    Nelly with the team at WeTransfer HQ

    Nelly went to see the powerhouse team at WeTransfer HQ this month in Amsterdam. The team is working on so many exiting projects and one of them is our expansion in the USA...! We are always remembering ourselves how lucky we are to be able to communicate and engage with 90 millions active users a month using WeTransfer.
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    Nelly Accepts UAL CSM Teaching Award

    At NBH Studios, we believe in creative education and the power of the younger generations. NBH is Senior Lecturer and First Year Leader in the MA Material Futures Department at Central Saint Martins, London. Her students have recently honored her with a UAL Central Saint Martin's Teaching Award which she accepted from Grayson Perry the UAL Chancellor on the 20th July.
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    NBH Studios in the Press 
    Nelly Interviewed in DAMn Magazine.
    This month has seen NBH Studios featured in DAMn Magazine and It's Nice That website discussing her advisory role at the UN VR Labs.

    Design Critique Nadine Botha said of Nelly in DAMn Magazine, "Designer Nelly Ben Hayoun is such an event. With her bustling energy barely able to be zipped into her astronaut suit, her beguiling French brogue, and her self described 'tiger eyes' she has pushed her way into the unrivaled conservatories of science". For more information on the Studios Press features, follow the below link.

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    ISO in Riposte Magazine
    Photographs taken at the Fillmore Theatre by Aaron Wojack
    Previously unseen photographs of the International Space Orchestra and Savages live in concert at the Fillmore Theatre in April of this year have been unveiled in Riposte Magazine. These photos provide a peek into the magical world that Savages and the International Space Orchestra created on that evening. Thinking about it, we are still walking on air.
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    Forthcoming Talks 
    Stage at Reasons to Be Creative event in Brighton
    This month has seen us add  many more events to our calendar. Nelly Ben Hayoun will be a keynote speaker at Reason to Design, Code & Create on the 5th September 2016 at the Dome in Brighton. Other speaker include Sagmeister, Wilfrid Wood and Erik Kessels amongst many more.

    She will also be  speaking at DENT:SPACE  at the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco on the 21st September 2016 alongside Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute, Natalie Batalha from NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Jesse Kriss from Netflix, Christianna Taylor from Singularity University amongst others.

    To find out more about Nelly's speaking schedule follow the below link.

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    Nelly Ben Hayoun in the Big Apple
    Nelly spent much of July in New York City, where she met with our talented collaborators: Gabo Arora from the UN VR Labs, Paola Antonelli the Senior Curator Architecture and Design Director at The Museum of Modern Art, Beatrice Galilee from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Twitter NYC and Eddie Opera at Pentagram.

    Nelly also went to visit Douglas and Julia Trumbull world renowned film director of Silent Running and Brainstorm, special effects director of 2001, The Space Odyssey and the Tree of Life. He is also an incredible inventor and our mentor who will be advising NBH Studios on our latest project The Life, The Sea and The Space Viking. More news to come as projects from these meetings develop - Watch this space!

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    NBH Studios Crew

    Our NBH Studios team continues to shake up the WORLD ABOVE AND BEYOND.

    Our most talented Director of Photography Fiona Braillon has won The CineLab award for Best Cinematography for short films at the Brussels Film Festival 2016. The film is entitled Drôle d'oiseau by Anouk Fortunier. And you can watch a teaser here.

    Edna Pletchetero the NBH Studios Head of Music continues to work on our next musical extravaganza. More on this top-secret event to come in September!! Keep your eyes peeled!!  IT IS GOING TO BE EXPLOSIVE.

    Annette Rodrigues our Project Manager is working very hard on the Hilary Clinton Campaign and we support her in her political endeavor to have the first  woman president of the United States.

    The NBH Studios Manager Chloe McClellan a graduate of the MA programme at the Slade School of Art will be exhibiting new works cast in bronze at The Cabin in Poplar, London. The show opens on the 4th August 2016.

    Evan Price the International Space Orchestra's Musical Director and two time Grammy Award winner has been featured in Augusts copy of Strings Magazine.

    New Social Media Channels

    Over the past few months,  we've introduced a series of new social media channels to help you follow the progress of Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios and it's array of projects and team members.