Keynote at The Continium

Kerkrade, The Netherlands -18th November

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Nelly Ben Hayoun will be talking as part of the Continium event, in Theater Heerlen, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, on November 18th. Other speakers will include Seb Chan (Cooper Hewitt New York), Deyan Sudjic (Design Museum London), Frank White (author of The Overview Effect), Erik Schoppen (co-founder of the Happy Energy foundation).

A stimulating conference to be held on Wednesday, 18 november, at Parkstad Limburg Theaters, at the Heerlen location. E.D.S.T. stands for Earth, Design, Science, Technology, the four themes to which Continium, Cube and Columbus will be dedicated from October 2015. On 20 May seven speakers of international renown will present their unexpected outlooks on one (or more) of these themes and offer you a new perspective on our world. Let yourself be inspired during this first edition of E.D.S.T., the beginning of a new tradition.