Latest NBH Studios 'I am (not) a Monster' on Z33 blog!

9th July 2018, Hasselt, Belgium

Nelly has written a blog entry on the conception of the latest Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios project- I am (not) a monster!

In preparation of the 4th Istanbul Biennale, Z33 has created a platform for Nelly to expose some of the first ideas, melting points and diving boards NBH studios has been faced with in the lead up to filming and how the project came into being.

'I am (not) a monster' intends to demonstrate the state of ideologies- their origins, formulation and power structures- in contemporary society. Trained by Noh theatre and Kabuki’s experts and Sumotoris in Japan, with Bunraku puppets in hand, Nelly Ben Hayoun will reenact and question the writings of Hannah Arendt while talking to philosophers and families about their views on the role of learning and education in society today.

The blog dawns literally and metaphorically "I wake up in a splendid mood. It is 4:40 am when I first stand up somewhere on someone’s bed- my cousin Hugo’s- bed, someplace in Lyon. I repack what I had unpacked the night before, but this time with a little euphoria as I close the case". The blog continues on explaining the rollercoaster year- difficulties faced and high points. 

It is a real insight into how I am (not) a Monster came to fruition, and we recommend you give it a read. You can find the article here!

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