Interview for Grand Matter, &wherefore!

6th December 2018, London, UK

Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun has been interviewed for &wherefore- an editorial platform that delves into the 'why' in creativity, presented by Grand Matter. The first collection explores blurred boundaries within the visual arts in the context of positive change, and challenges social labels and traditional conventions.

Journalist Kate Hollowood talked with Nelly about the making of the University of the Underground and the infrastructure in which interweaves. Talking about a variety of topics such as what 'plurality' means to the University, the difficulties it has faced and what is next!


We believe that we shouldn’t exist within nation states. We should have a form of education that exists beyond that, beyond borders. That means being transnational. Which is also one of the core value of feminism.


It is about plurality, which for us means that the design of experiences brings together music, film, design, theatre, politics and linguistics. There is a big focus on how you can use experiences in the context of the execution to modify from within.

The curriculum is based on the philosophy of political theorist Hannah Arendt. Her work expressed how you can bring plurality to any form of thinking to avoid an ideology becoming the rule."

You can read the rest of the article here!