Listen back to the Nelly Boum Show on WWFM, ep 4 on HOME-S!

4th October 2019, London, UK

This month we questioned HOME-S. 'Stay Home'...a tune for corona time, in this episode of the Nelly Boum show, we discuss family, homecoming, repatriation but also home as a departure point. We tackled questions about the home, a ‘paradise’, a destination or a journey with a formidable line up of humans from all over the world... To listen to the show, click here! Our next show will go live in November, so make sure you check-in and stay tuned!

This month featuring....

- Norwegian Yoiker and musician, Frode Fjellheim who will tell us about Yoik- a traditional form of vocal interpretations in Sámi music performed by the Sámi people of Sapmi in Northern Europe.

- Intellectual entrepreneur and activist sociologist, Hratch Tchilingirian who will discuss religion at home but also amenity with the 2019 Armenian Diaspora Survey.

-Ibrahim Nehme, creator, curator and writer based in Beirut, who will present his independent magazine, the Outpost and discuss the rebirth of his hometown- Beirut after the trauma of the explosion.

- Boris Gasparyan, Armenian Archaeologist and ancient wine specialist will tell us how our ancestors used to make wine in caves.

- Shirin Mirachor, Artistic Director and Founder of MONO a radical queer club and A(wake), a cultural ‘institute’ in Rotterdam who will talk about the virtual, nightlife and the dance floor as non-linear spaces for belonging.

- Susan Pattie, cultural anthropologist, writer and former director of the Armenian Institute in London will share insights on Armenian families and the story of repatriation in Armenia.

- Lucrecia Dalt, Columbian musician, sound artist and performer and geologist will present her latest album- No era sólida- while Nelly invites herself in her home.

- Social anthropologist Jan Ketil Simonsen will present his study on mobility and migration in Zambia.

- Magid Magid, activist, writer and politician will talk buses but also his new book- 'The Art of Disruption' which he wrote on his journey into politics and as a love letter to his hometown of Sheffield. 

- Otis Mensah, @otismensah alternative hip-hop and spoken word artist, and Poet Laureate of Sheffield will be telling us about what it means to be a "Mum's House Philosopher" .

-Rooney Elmi, @svllywoodmag @noevileyecinema will share her 'home' related film selection with us.