Milanese Foley

Jotta- April 2012

What is design? Who owns it and how can we deconstruct it? Nelly Ben Hayoun, who’s featured in Jotta’s debut publication, endeavors to answer all of those questions and more with her latest project at Milan Design Week’s Hacked Milan, recreating the background noise of the fair with a film foley artist.

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NO More Heroes: A Milanese Foley, sees director and experience designer Ben Hayoun join forces with film industry Foley artist Sue Harding to record the background noise of Milan Design Week.

Using materials as unusual as coconut shells, frozen romaine lettuce, cornstarch and gelatin to reproduce background noise, Ben Hayoun promises to engage audiences by offering them the experience to listen and, as they do, to pervert the concept of design. Ben Hayoun and Harding will respond to design works in Milanese galleries – chairs, tables, shelves and more – through recordings and a performance, which they will then play back in a Foley sound studio.

Ben Hayoun describes NO More Heroes as "a commedia dell’arte", an Italian theatrical comedy. Ben Hayoun’s belief that design should be embedded in a physical experience is at the core of the project, and through these recordings and performance, she endeavors to repackage the abstract notion of design as a substantial experience.

Through NO More Heroes, Ben Hayoun seeks to democratise design by deconstructing it and questioning the power structures embedded in the design process. She criticizes the often-intangible nature of design and its process – “How can I experience the Barcelona Chair if I can’t sit on it or even consider buying it?” Ben Hayoun believes that design that subverts the everyday is capable of generating events, even riots. Her performance will both pay homage to and turns a critical eye on this potential.