Moon Arkestra Residency programme starting!

21st April 2022, London, UK

To kick off the Moon Arkestra residency programme (in collaboration with tour de moon), we'll be visiting the natural history programme tomorrow to see Archie the giant squid!

Much like the moon, giant squids have been the subject of 1000's of years of folklore.

In fact the 1st picture of a giant squid in its natural habitat was taken in 2004, and video only in 2016. Even more bizarrely, we have yet to capture a colossal squid living in its natural habitat on camera, which only adds to its mystique.

"....people love the giant squid ... because they're real, but there's still a lot of mythology about them..." - Jon Ablett, the Senior Curator in Charge of molluscs at the Natural History Museum, (taken from article (