Moon Dust Remix

Interview, La Gaité Lyrique, Paris

Moon Dust Remix is a project developed during Nelly Ben Hayoun's residency in la Gaité Lyrique, Paris
A project where she  have invited scientists to respond to the challenge of imagining the sound of Neil
Armstrong’s boots on the moon. This create the sound track for ‘moon dust remix’ a ‘moon chorus’ constituted of lunar experts’ speculation on the sound on the moon.
With interview by:
- Buzz Aldrin, NASA Astronaut
- Greg Schmidt, Lunar Science Institute, NASA Ames research Center
- Mike Vergalla, Moon Express, NASA Ames research Center
- Rusty Hunt, NASA Flight Director LCROSS and LADEE
- Frank Drake, SETI Institute and Carl Sagan Center
- Kenneth Zin, Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery , NASA Ames research Center
- Francis Rocard, director of the Astrophysic Institute, CNES, Paris, France
- Jean Pierre Haignere, Cosmonaut, CNES, Paris, France

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