Music Feeds Presents Avalanches and International Space Orchestra Collaboration

20th August 2020 online at MUSIC FEEDS

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Music Feeds presents Avalanches and International Space Orchestra collaboration saying, 

The Avalanches have joined forces with the International Space Orchestra for a collaborative Zoom performance of new single ‘Wherever You Go’.

Not content with simply teaming up with featured artists Jamie xxNeneh Cherry and CLYPSO, the Aussie electronic duo gathered scientists, astronauts and engineers from NASA and SETI to perform an array of instruments for the performance, which was filmed live during lockdown. It’s a spacey affair, with many of the participants opting to create elaborate backdrops.

Both the band and CLYPSO appear alongside the ISO, which was formed back in 2012 by SETI Institute Designer of Experiences Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian and musical director Evan Price. The group have performed with the likes of Damon Albarn, Beck, Sigur Rós and more.

“We are forever grateful to Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun and the International Space Orchestra for a truly magical, inspiring and connective experience. During a hard lockdown, it has renewed our faith in music, humanity and the power of connection, science and love,” commented the band’s Robbie Chater and Tony DiBlasi.

“We have so much respect for all those at NASA and SETI institute and the work they do pushing the boundaries of human exploration, in trying to find the answers to the universe, and who and what lay beyond our neighbourhood.”

Hayoun echoed the band’s sentiments, and revealed that The Avalanches have been working on a space-inspired album for some time, and spent time researching sounds from space, coming across the work developed by SETI and the ISO.

“We hope that our performance will allow for further curiosity and interest to research further galaxies and extraterrestrial intelligence and life. Working with the Avalanches has been our greatest honour, one of the most cosmic experiences we have encountered. Robbie and Tony are truly inspiring, kind, caring and just too brilliantly talented.”

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You can read the article here.