Musical lift off

Design Indaba, August 2013

The International Space Orchestra's lift off mentioned in Design Indaba.

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Three, two, one, lift off... Nelly Ben Hayoun's The International Space Orchestra (ISO) is in space!

On 4 August 2013 two ArduSat, an Arduino based Nano-satellite run by Nanosatisfi, launched from Japan taking the ISO’s recordings of Ground-control: An Opera in Space to the stars.

Ground-control: An Opera in Space, directed by Ben Hayoun, was initially performed by the ISO in September 2012 in front of the world’s largest wind tunnel at NASA Ames Research Centre, California. Hereafter, it was recorded at Skywalker ranch, George Lucas' Studio. (Read more about Ground-control: An Opera in Space). 

The International Space Orchestra is the world’s first orchestra of space scientists. Blending space exploration and bassoons; planet-poking and bluegrass-playing spacecraft operators, the ISO’s members are individuals drawn from NASA Ames Research Center.

The broadcast of Ground-control: An Opera in Space will be released through radio waves and Morse code. One ArduSat will broadcast the voice, while the other will transmit the musical component.

Time and date of the broadcast will be confirmed soon here