The Other Volcano in Form Magazine

Form, Germany, December 2015

NBH's project The Other Volcano, photographed by Nick Ballon, was featured in German design Magazine form.

Speculative Energies by Ludwig Zeller

Energy as Domestic and Intimate Borderline Experience

Another important area of speculative design lies in the creation of domestic and intimate borderline experiences. The design of lived-in worlds, which means the formation of the immediate, material, and aesthetic human environment while taking into account functional and psychological, but also stylistic and ethical criteria, is part of any design. As an addition to this basic task speculative design questions the limits of these designed lived-in worlds. Especially phenomena, which are not expected in the domestic environment, are being examined for possible roles in the immediate intimacy of man.
Also in this field a multitude of design projects that deal with an energy topic can be found. For instance Nelly Ben Hayoun places miniaturised volcanoes in the sitting rooms of voluntary subjects as part of her project “The Other Volcano”. In a reference to the raw energy of nature these pyrotechnically enabled objects are supposed to invoke a “love-hate relationship” with them as unpredictable cohabitants. Instead of suppressing the fragility of the supposedly safe, middle class way of life in the design of the domestic, nature’s energy is exposed as a spectacle and integrated into the living environment.