NBH in Riposte Magazine

Riposte Magazine, December 2015

Nelly offers some insight to Riposte Magazine about her daily routine for creative success.

Create! Create! Create!

Words by Danielle Pender. Illustrations by Martina Paukova

In any creative industry, the saying goes you’re only as good as your last project, collection or exhibition. This is a tall order if you work in a high-pressure job where the onus is on you to deliver brilliance on a regular basis. It can be crippling, so how do you tackle the pressure and keep the ideas coming? Here, some of the best creative minds share their tips and strategies for staying inspired when the deadlines start piling up.
Nelly Ben Hayoun
(Designer of Experiences)
• Sport. I have been running 5km everyday since last year to try and cool down the pressure cooker!
• When I am extremely stressed and have to deliver a new proposal at the same time as working on another one (or ten!), I often go to my bookshelf and spend two or three hours reading. It allows me to focus again and also inspires new routes that I might not have thought about.
• Always trust your peers! I always need a partner in crime in my projects.
• Accepting at the start of any creative mission that it is going to be difficult and stressful does not make it any easier, but it makes you aware that you need to prepare and train mentally and physically for what is around the corner. Being a creative is to be very disciplined with yourself and others in order to achieve that human magic.