Nelly and the Doppelgängers in ICON Magazine

30th January 2019, London, UK

Nelly has been featured in this months ICON magazine, issue 189: on mess, maximalism and creativity! Nelly and Priya (chief editor of Icon) chatted about the adventures of the Doppelgängers and the International Space Orchestra. Don't miss out on getting your copy!

A forward from Priya about this issue of Icon magazine:

"There will always be a new product or a new take on an iconographic building. This month, though, we tend not to privilege the new or the innovative, but instead pay closer attention to objects and environments that are linked to our experience of daily life.

We have tried to breathe life into their otherwise ambivalent existences, rescuing them from the humdrum; the boringness of the routine-oriented, assembly-line modernity they (and we) inhabit."

About Icon magazine:

'Icon magazine is a British design and architecture magazine established in 2003 by Marcus Fairs. The magazine is part of Media 10. In 2015, the magazine marked its 150th issue with a redesign into three sections: Lifestyle, Architecture and Objects.'