Nelly announced as an Associate Fellow at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College

27th September 2018, New York, USA

We are absolutely exhilarated to announce Nelly is now an associate fellow of the Hannah Arendt Center at the Bard College!

The Hannah Arendt Center hosts post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, senior fellows, and doctoral fellows who together form a vibrant and engaged intellectual community at Bard College. Fellows teach one course per semester while pursuing their research!

On 11th October at Bard's annual international conference "Citizenship and Civil Disobedience" at the Hannah Arendt Center, Nelly will be participating in the 'Citizenship and Disobedience' conference- 15:15-16:00 "Activism through Art" and 13:15-14:00 "Mythology Now! The Deep Black".

The first seminar, "Activism through Art" Nelly will moderate alongside Roger Berkowitz, while Renata Stih and Professor Dr Frieder Schnock will be on the panel. From this panel, you can expect to be taken on a journey through artist practices and the relevance of their practice in response to states of activism over time- may it be in response, a probe or a tipping point.

The second panel, 'MYTHOLOGY NOW! The Deep Black' will be moderated by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun. 

Both panels will inquire about the power of political dissent- to unify a plurality animated at the Hannah Arendt Center’s 11th Annual Conference, “Citizenship and Civil Disobedience.” The conference will consider the following questions:

  • Is civil disobedience an exemplary act of citizenship?
  • Why is citizen activism emerging across all parts of the political spectrum?
  • Can civil disobedience help reunite majority opinion around common truths?
  • Is civil disobedience usable by dissidents on both the left and the right?
  • Are we today in a revolutionary situation?
  • Should violence be used in civil disobedience?

You can find out some more information the conference here!

The Bard college was founded in 1860 and is an independent, residential, coeducational, four-year college of the liberal arts and sciences.