Nelly announced as Vice Chair of the Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS)

1st-5th October 2018, Bremen, Germany

On the occasion of the 69th annual International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany, Nelly has been announced as the Vice Chair of the Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS)!

The Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS) seeks to promote and facilitate the innovative utilisation of space (data, systems, applications) by organisations in the cultural sectors of society internationally, including all areas of the arts and humanities, including the fine arts, entertainment, popular culture and tourism.

In a cultural context, it may include cultural production, cultural preservation, cultural representation, cultural education and cultural development.

ITACCUS’ activities comprise:

  • Advocacy – promoting, developing and raising the profile and quality of ‘cultural utilisation of space’ within the space community and within the cultural community internationally, and with the general public
  • Collaboration – organising meetings and workshops internationally.
  • Communication & Dialogue
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Promoting Quality Cultural Products

You can find out some more information about ITACCUS here!

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) consists of a scientific conference program and a space exhibition. It is the one time of the year opportunity when about 4,000 space actors from all over the world come together.

Global, multidisciplinary, and covering all space sectors and topics, it offers everyone the latest space information and above all new contacts and potential partnerships.

Each year the IAC changes country, theme, and local organizer, enabling everyone to learn more about and be part of the world space network. the host for the IAC 2018 was Bremen - Germany's main space city and one of Europe's major space centres.

With the theme "IAC 2018 - involving everyone", the IAF'S theme is to share a vision of a more diverse space sector. The extensive outreach program will place special emphasis on the new generation of space experts, the expansion of equal opportunities, the integration of new countries and start-up companies into the global space network, as well as increasing the public participation.

You can find out more information about ITACCUS here!