Nelly at Airbnb

San Francsico, USA, 4th October 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun will be talking at Airbnb San Francisco on the 4th October 2016 at 6:00pm. 

Nelly will present an argument for the importance of creative passion, inspiration and poetics in communities. 

Airbnb Design is a cross-disciplinary group of experience and production designers, researchers, technologists, writers and content strategists, graphic designers, filmmakers, producers, interior architects, project managers, photographers and more. They describe themselves as  former librarians, mechanics, life insurance agents, therapists and modern dancers with a variety of perspectives. They believe that design is contextual, inspiration comes in many forms, and that collaboration with our community is the key to well-designed experiences.

Airbnb Design share stories that offer insights into their thinking, process, creative work and travel, is also about the community of global creatives that inspire their work. Airbnb Design is dedicated to sharing stories of the creatives that they serendipitously discover and engage with as a result of their travel experiences through the Airbnb platform.

They believe that the richest growth and learning happens when curiosity extends further than the community closest in proximity. 

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