Nelly at KIKK Festival 2023

26th October 2023, Namur, Belgium

On the 26th October 2023, Nelly will be giving the Opening Keynote at KIKK Festival of Digital & Creative Cultures in Namur, Belgium.

Nelly will take you on a provocative journey through her decolonial practice, building platforms for sociological and critical impact with events. In this energetic talk, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian Ph.D will create a space for thoughts, debate and provocation around the urgent need for organized communities, nightlife and plurality in society. Nelly will share some learnings on founding and leading LGBTQ+ youth festival Tour de Moon. This was a free, public, pluralistic, nationwide festival celebrating nightlife and youth countercultures from across the UK and beyond, a part of Unboxed, Creativity in the UK. This was the UK’s most ambitious publicly funded showcase of creative collaboration including free large-scale events, installations and globally accessible digital experiences with a focus on 'non human-centric' interactions: music was sent to the moon, while moths were invited to collaborate on this totally hybrid festival of creativity with a mission to decolonise, to celebrate nature, to empower countercultures and to redistribute wealth.

You will see the behind-the-scenes of complex large-scale productions, she will also exclusively share the latest development of her feature film called 'Doppelgangers x3', a diasporic investigation of human settlement on the moon in collaboration with Nelly's doppelgangers.

Who knows: in the end, you might find yourself experiencing an emotional gaze made of crystals and manufactured sun? And this is only the beginning of KIKK!


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