Nelly Ben Hayoun as An Impolite Future Hero in Christian Svanes Kolding's short film

13 April 2017

An Impolite Future Hero is the title of a short film about NBH made by a Danish filmmaker Christian Svanes Kolding. It is first of the three films in the series that Kolding made about three radically different designers. In the film, Nelly speaks about her most prominent projects but also her background and why we have to be 'impolite'.

Design Indaba, a conference where Nelly spoke in March 2017, featured the video on their website along with a short article.

To read the full text follow this link. Words by Design Indaba

From a designer who once offered the opportunity to experience a volcano in your living room, to a designer who re-imagines your minor quirks as beautifully visualised data, to the designer who, among other things, repurposes robots to work as cocktail mixologists, here’s the first part of a series of short documentary films directed by Christian Svanes Kolding, created as conversation starters to celebrate the spectacular diversity of designers working today. Kolding is a filmmaker, writer and artist from Copenhagen, currently living in New York. 

This series starts with the “extreme experience” designer, Nelly Ben Hayoun, followed by a profile of the information designer Giorgia Lupi, and then concludes with a brief portrait of Eddie Opara, the innovative graphic designer and partner at Pentagram.

To step into Ben Hayoun’s world is to enter an arena governed by the theatrics of chaos and "total bombardment". Through the noise and proverbial “fake news,” however, there emerges threads of truth, unleashed by provocations intended to tease out honest and pure responses.

To read the full article follow this link. Words by Design Indaba


Christian Svanes Kolding's work illuminates the grandeur of everyday life and has been presented at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of The City of New York.
He is a filmmaker, creative director, writer, and artist, whose stories come alive where arts and culture meet digital technology.  His latest film is The End of The Internet, while his book, Where We Live, will be released in 2017. He also contributed to the TBD Catalog, in collaboration with the Near Future Laboratory.


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