Nelly Ben Hayoun at the A/D/O Common Sense Festival in NYC

13th May, New York, USA

Nelly will be speaking at the Common Sense Festival in Brooklyn, New York on May 13th 2017. The festival will be hosted by the Design Academy at A/D/O and Nelly's presentation titled 'Designing the Impossible' will start at 11:15 AM.

"Common Sense", the second festival of the Design Academy, which will investigate designers' power to transform our world through the most fundamental human interfaces: texture and scent, sound and vision.

The festival and exhibition which will continue at A/D/O through summer, questions design’s role in accommodating the fundamentals of our sensory system. To what extent can design alter our perceptions and to what degree can our senses be augmented or recalibrated? At a time when perceptions of the world are increasingly polarized, when the truth is questionable and consensus seems impossible to achieve, we consider if we’ve lost touch with common sense and our shared ability to perceive something without debate.

You can find out more about the festival and how to get a ticket here