Nelly Ben Hayoun featured in the All Borders are Temporary Magazine

We're excited to announce after Nelly's participation in the All Borders are Temporary program, that included multiple screenings of the International Space Orchestra as well as a talk from Nelly, she will be featured in the newest edition of the All Borders Magazine.

At it's core, it's a collection of short stories, selected from submissions as part of a worldwide competition on the eponymous theme of All Borders are Temporary. As well as including the works of authors from countries like  Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, the Phillippines, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Portugal and Norway, the magazine is also home to contributions  from visual artists, such as Nelly, discussing the same theme.

In this edition, Nelly will be talking about the Soyouz Chair and how you can become an astronaut in you're own living room. To see the original post on the Nelly Ben Hayoun website. Please click here. 

The magazine will first be published in Norwegian in the form of a giveaway newspaper, with the hop of it being turned into a limited edition English language book. So keep your eyes peeled for further updates!