Nelly Ben Hayoun in The Dots for International Women’s Day

8th March 2018, London

To celebrate International Women's Day The Dots  have curated a project celebrating women in the creative industry that are causing a bit of a shake down!
Our studio's Director - Nelly Ben Hayoun has been asked to nominate 10 trailblazing women who she believes are redefining the creator landscape. Other creative powerhouses who submitted their lists along Nelly's include Tea Uglow, Paula Scher, Yana Peel, Liv Little and Pip Jamieson.

Here is Nelly's list of 10 trailblazing women:

Laura Ben Hayoun - Photographer
Holly Herndon - Musician
Edna Pletchetero - Independent Music Professional
Marguerite Humeau - Artist
Chloe McClellan - Artist & curator
Dr. Regina Peldszus - Design researcher
Dr. Daisy Ginsberg - Artist, designer, writer
You can read the entire article including all nominations here

The Dots was  born out of a genuine passion to make the creative industries more open and diverse, founder Pip Jamieson launched the platform in 2014.

Looking to the future, with the rising march of automation — creativity is our secret weapon. Soon machines will drive, serve customers, code, clean, manufacture, do our accounts and legal work. What are humans still good for? Creativity! So if we want our children and grandchildren to have jobs and make our economies thrive, we need to support the Makers, Doers, Fixers and Dreamers that bring creative ideas to life.

That is what The Dots is all about; connecting, supporting and championing the people, teams and companies that make ideas happen.