Nelly Ben Hayoun in The French Stylist

20th July 2017, Paris, France

Nelly Ben Hayoun was featured in the French Stylist issue that came out on 20th July. The Stylist collected testimonies from scientists, artists and enthusiasts about a thing which has amazed them most in space. Nelly spoke about the Mission Kepler's microscope which have discovered over 4000 exoworlds since 2009.

You can read the whole article below:



Stylist is a free feminine weekly magazine from the Marie Claire group.  

Stylist is a feminine free and high-end. To get free and luxury rhymes, 80% of the copies are handed out every Thursday from hand to hand by hostesses (nearly 480 hostesses distributed every week in nearly 800 key points). The rest is available on displays in trendy places (trendy restaurants, fashion boutiques, etc.) .

He claims a "break with the codes of the women's press". In a press release, the Marie Claire group said that the weekly is based on fashion, beauty, culture and society, the group said. The editorial line is intended to be offset. A treatment "funny, committed, hedonistic and responsible," according to Aude Walker, editor of the magazine.

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