Nelly Ben Hayoun interviewed for Nicer Tuesdays

March 2017, London, UK

Nelly Ben Hayoun has been interviewed by It's Nice That in preparation for the talk at the  Nicer Tuesdays on 28th March. 

To read the full article, follow this link.  Words by It's Nice That. 

At this month’s Nicer Tuesdays we’ll be hearing from Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas, co-founders of design studio A Practice for Everyday Life, on their book for the Hockney show; designer Anthony Burrill on revealing more about his creative process; Jon Burgerman on visual experimentation via social media; and Nelly Ben Hayoun on her new university. Ahead of next week’s event, we asked each speaker to give us a teaser of their talk.

Experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun

Write a trailer for your talk at Nicer Tuesdays.

I will talk about the University of the Underground, our postgraduate university based in the underground of the urban space. I will be calling out to all the Willy Wonkas of modern times, the contemporary Joy Division’s, JG Ballard’s, Marie Curie’s and Rauschenberg’s, action researchers and designers, mythologists and makers of new worlds!

What aspect will people not be expecting to hear?

The process behind the making and development of the University of the Underground, our multidisciplinary “Dreamers of the Day” teaching team. Why it is important to reveal and modify power structures in their current establishment in public institutions, why this postgraduate programme is most urgent but also why we are setting it up for the next 100 years and why we are establishing it as a place for unconventional research practices.

What’s the one aspect you can’t wait to tell the audience more about?

I am of course eager to introduce you to our team, our guest tutors and our programme. I also can’t wait to share the latest on our space in DeMarktkantine in Amsterdam and in The Village Underground in London, but also our recent partnership with WeTransfer to support the tuition fees of all our students.

To read the full article, follow this link.