Nelly Ben Hayoun interviewed on This Works

This Works, September 2016, UK

Nelly Ben Hayoun has been interviewed by Rob Alderson from WeTransfer on The Works discussing the launch of her latest project, The Life, The Sea and The Space Viking. 

Nelly discusses how she picks the projects that she works on saying, 'Firstly it’s curiosity, to actually pick the subjects that you think are going to merge and collide in an interesting way.

Then there is instinct. For me, there is a creative instinct we have been brought up with, that has been in us since Neanderthal times. I truly believe many of our greatest developments have come from this creative instinct, and I get drawn to and driven by certain topics'. 

To read the full article, follow this link. 

This Works is an online space used by WeTransfer to tell the stories of the artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and other creatives featured on the wallpapers. Ever since the beginning, WeTransfer have given 30% of their backgrounds to the creative industries, and now they have chosen to shine more of a light on the people behind the pictures.