Nelly Ben Hayoun is a Keynote Speaker at PRIMER2020's Virtual Conference!

27th June 2020 available @ Primer Conference

Nelly Ben Hayoun is one of PRIMER2020's Keynote Speakers for this year's innovative virtual conference, Activating Futures! Nelly will be talking this Saturday June 27, at 12:45pm EDT, on digital futures and designing the impossible as part of her talk, Liquid Gold and Other Suns.

PRIMER2020 is a six day event, full of talks and panels on the subject of Activating Futures, exploring how we can apply speculative practices in order to manifest futures for all - especially in these unpredictable and challenging times. Tickets for the event are available here - and all talks, including Nelly's, are free to attend!

Having just travelled to four continents and beyond 14 cities in one month with the hope of bringing back the origin of knowledge in her suitcase, the Willy Wonka of Design and Science, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian, joins Primer to share the mysteries behind her practice and the production of the impossible, and her experience performing and reenacting the life of political theorist Hannah Arendt.

In this energetic talk, fearless critical explorer, passionate provocateur, Wired Innovation Fellow, and Designer of Experiences Ben Hayoun-Stépanian will create a space for thoughts, debate and provocation around the sociological and critical impact of new technologies. She will define her design work and practice and demonstrate how the Human Condition can prevail over technology. She will pledge for Greek Tragedy and remind the audience that innovation often comes from multidisciplinary conflicts.

She will explain the challenges she faces in her own practice, trying to defy and design in the gravity of the hyperreal, a world where fiction is as truthful as reality. In this passionate keynote, she will share the complexity of her large-scale projects (The International Space Orchestra, Disaster Playground and the University of the Underground) and introduce members of the public to her 'hammering and total bombardment' philosophy.

For Primer, Ben Hayoun-Stépanian will also exclusively share the latest development of her latest project Red Moon, a diasporic investigation of human settlement on the moon.

Who knows: in the end we might find ourselves in the head of Tutankhamun before his head got cut off in ancient Egypt, experiencing an emotional gaze made of crystals and manufactured sun.

About PRIMER2020

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