Nelly Ben Hayoun is speaking in the Focus:Feminism seminar at Göteberg Film Festival!

27 January 2020, 15:00-14:00 Göteberg, Sweden

On the 27th January 2020, Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios will be speaking in the Focus:Feminism seminar at Göteberg Film Festival!

Falling under the festival’s feminist film focus, 20 films will be shown from nearly just as many countries. The directors Jenna Bass, Lendita Seqiraj, Billie Piper, Tamara Dawit and Nelly Ben Hayoun will discuss film and feminism departing from a South-African road trip Western, a house in Kosovo inhabited by women who have survived sexual violence, an odd British kitchen sink realistic romcom, a documentary about an Ethiopian communist rebel, and an unconventional hunt for the origin of knowledge.

Moderator:Dina Afkhampour, Festival Director, Cinemafrica.

The conversation will be held in English.

Focus: Feminism & Brazil
We expand on this year’s two focus themes and dedicate each of them with a day of dialogs and exciting meetings. Under the headlines Directors talk and Work in progress you will find additional items included in the focus themes.

About Göteberg Film Festival

Göteborg Film Festival has developed and grown strong for more than 40 years and is today the largest film festival in the Nordic countries and the most important annual meeting place in the Nordic film industry.

Today, the film festival is also one of the biggest cultural events in Sweden and the audience’s response testifies to the fact that the event has found its place in both hearts and minds. What once started as a bold dream of two cineasts has become a stable and appreciated part of Swedish cultural life and a significant player in the international film industry.

The festival runs for eleven days during the month of January-February and attracts around 160,000 visitors. During the festival period, about 450 films from some 80 countries will be shown in about 1,000 screenings.

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