Nelly Ben Hayoun on the Co-Matter Community Podcast

15th June 2018, Berlin, Germany

Co-matter founder Severin Matusek sat down with Nelly Ben Hayoun to discuss what it means to design an experience. Co-matter was created to explore what makes communities thrive, to connect people online, to offer insights into how to build communities and to offer access to reports, case studies and interviews from the people, places and tools that make communities excel.

In their 10th podcast, Nelly talks about the importance of critical responses, the need to make inaccessible institutions and agencies more accessible and the wonderful realisation that the world is actually quite small and therefore easier to make more meaningful connections with those around us: 

“It’s a very complex period to live in. But at the same time, now is the time where you can define your own rules, your own jobs. Being this kind of hybrid that exists in all different places. And perhaps one of the beautiful chances that we have today is the possibility to travel a lot, to understand that the world is not that massive and that we’re all connected.” 

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