Nelly Ben Hayoun on the PRIMER 2020 Interviews podcast!

17 June 2020 on Vimeo

PRIMER 2020 Nelly Ben Hayoun from Design Futures Initiative on Vimeo.

Earlier this month, Nelly Ben Hayoun sat down with Phil Balagtas, founder of the Design Futures Initiative, and Travis Kupp, chair of PRIMER2020, to talk about her practice and her upcoming keynote at the PRIMER2020 virtual conference, Liquid Gold and Other Suns!

Nelly will be talking at PRIMER2020 on Saturday the 27th of June - more details and tickets are available at

The year 2020, the time horizon for thousands of visions, predictions, and roadmaps, is finally here. Is it what we thought, dreamed, or hoped it would be? The Activating Futures theme for PRIMER2020 is focused on how we can apply speculative practices in order to manifest futures for all. The conference will span three days sharing diverse perspectives and practices, imagining alternative paths, and challenging ourselves to enable more equitable futures through the further democratization of the tools for building them - a newly-pressing issue in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

What I've found fascinating is that, in a time where you would think that we would be in our bubble, we are actually entering each other's intimacy. Never on earth did I think I would have been bringing you into my kitchen in the middle of a conference, you know, or you would have got to met my partner straight away when visiting, while he's eating pasta... In the short term, I think it's beautiful to see that we can build new forms of interaction and new forms of working, but in the long-term, I am yet to see whether or not this is something that is going to help us maintain relationships and whether it will influence social experiences.

To hear more, head on over to the Design Futures Initiative page on Vimeo!

About PRIMER2020

The Primer Conference is an annual conference led by the Design Futures Initiative, an organisation dedicated to the advancement and development of Futures Design Thinking — Speculative & Critical Design, Design Fiction, Futurism, and Strategic Foresight. Its DFI Programs, Speculative Futures events and international Primer Conference network are designed to grow the work internationally of Futures Design Thinking and to build a global community to design better tomorrows.