Nelly Ben Hayoun speaking at OEB Global

7th December, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun will be taking the stage at OEB Conference in Berlin on Thursday, December the 7th on the Spotlight Stage. In her speech, Nelly will mostly focus on the University of the Underground and its ways to reinvigorate creative education. 

Every year, OEB Global attracts over 2,300 participants from more than 90 countries worldwide, making it the most comprehensive annual meeting place for technology-supported learning and training professionals from the corporate, education and public service sectors. Participants include e-learning directors, chief learning officers, corporate training managers, senior staff from government departments and deans, directors and researchers from the higher education sector to name but a few. Leading suppliers and providers also take part, exhibiting in an extensive area for social and professional networking, and a number of networking events are held at and around the exhibition stands.

Detailed information about the make-up of the inter-sectoral and international audience can be found here.

This year, the overall theme of the conference is "Learning Uncertainty", which addresses one of the defining characteristics of our age. "We need to acknowledge uncertainty and prepare for it. We need to transform education, training and learning to equip businesses, organisations and individuals with the skills to survive and prosper in our new era". Please find more information in this Facts Sheet. Berlin is a great and strategic location for participants coming from these different sectors and backgrounds, to engage in (critical) discussions on how about how we can use technologies and redefine education for our age. 


Speakers in 2017 will include Sanjay Sarma (USA) Vice President for Open Learning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Abigail Trafford (USA), author and leader in the movement to fight ageism and Aleks Krotoski (UK), social psychologist and broadcaster at the Guardian.