A Letter From Disaster Playground

Disaster Playground is currently IN FULL PRODUCTION

WWW.DISASTERPLAYGROUND.COM Disaster Playground is a creative platform investigating the design of emergency procedures in the space programme, with world renowned space experts at NASA, the SETI Institute and an all star team of composers, writers and international collaborators.

A letter from the Crew on Disaster Playground.

Photography by Nick Ballon

Dear fellow habitant on earth,

I was recruited to work as Project Manager on Disaster Playground on March 25th. As the project manager on this exciting project with Ms. Nelly Ben Hayoun, my job is to keep the schedule going and manage the pieces of scheduling, planning and liaison with US government and science institutes. My background includes over 30 years experience as a Project Manager in the aerospace industry, including Payload Crew Training for NASA life sciences missions. My activities in the Aerospace industry was not a job, it was a passion. Anything I do now, must be continue to be feed my passion and be beneficial to society and to the public. This project does that.

Since March 25th so much has happened. Our film crew arrived. We started shooting video and stills at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, completing interviews with astrobiologist and ecologist, Dr. Margaret Race. Her interest, planetary protection, focuses on the precautions scientists must take to keep extraterrestrial environments pristine during exploration. Our interviews and filming also included filming Dr. Peter Jenniskens, a meteor showers specialist, at the Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute. With over 100 publications on interstellar and planetary matter, you will just have to see the footage to believe it all.

The crew spent a whole day at NASA Ames Research Center. We interviewed and filmed the Head of NASA Ames Research Center, Dr. Pete Worden, on his views on Planetary Defense, 'Command and control' (Who is in charge when come the asteroid?). We met NASA Ames Chief Scientist Dr. Jacob Cohen and Deputy Director of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) Greg Schmidt. Here we discussed the complex decision-making involved in developing a coordinated international response to the challenge of protecting the earth from Asteroid impacts. We explored aspects of planetary defense, such as Asteroid Deflection and Asteroid Capture.

The crew went to Fremont Peak Observatory continuing their interview with Dr. Jenniskens. And then the next day, they discussed volcanic eruptions on asteroids and monitoring asteroids with Dr. Franck Marchis at the Lick Observatory. We also met David Morrison, the Head of the Carl Sagan Center, Seth Shostak, Astronomer, Jill Tarter, SETI specialist, main inspiration to the film Contact with Jodie Foster ... 

All of them are going trough Nelly's intense exercise of reenactement/ enactement, using the props that she got made for them. What would you do if you were part of the chain of command? What would be your decision?

AND MORE MORE MORE! We never stop! Next week we are in LA interviewed Moon Astronaut    Russell L. Schweickart on gravity tractors and the best way to deflect asteroids. So stay tuned to more exciting happenings in the Disaster Playground.

Annette Rodrigues, Disaster Playground Project Manager


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