Disaster Playground Production Week 3

Disaster Playground Production Week 3


Disaster Playground is a creative platform investigating the design of emergency procedures in the space programme, with world renowned space experts at NASA, the SETI Institute and an all star team of composers, writers and international collaborators.

Photography by Nick Ballon

Dear fellow habitant on earth,

The Trailblazers were on the road again.  As we trek across America looking for Asteroid hunters, this week was filled with thrill. From SOCAL (Southern California) to the Rio Grande and the Sandia Mountains, our journey continues.  Did we ever think we would see an airburst simulation of asteroids?  Our first stop was at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia National Laboratories' roots go back to World War II and the Manhattan Project, the first atomic bombs), to interview Mark Boslough, an expert on planetary impacts and global catastrophes. 

Mark told us about his work on airbursts, according to him“ It is virtually certain (probability > 99%) that the next destructive NEO (asteroid) event will be an airburst.”. Mark spoke about the use of nuclear science for Asteroid deflection.
From the mountain regions of New Mexico to the deserts of Arizona we headed south on our next experience. We met with a Cowboy on the way and although there is lots of desert land from Albuquerque to Tucson, our final journey took us to the Catalina Mountains and the University of Arizona.  Our host there was Dr. Eric Christensen, Principal Investigator of the Catalina Sky Survey. He gave us a demonstration of a nightime survey operation. 
Nelly spent the week end with the members of the International Space Orchestra rehearsing a newly orchestrated version of Breathe by Prodigy. With the addition of two WWII Air Raid Sirens, the overall sound of the performance is totally surreal. The ISO recording will be used as part of a live disaster Management training next week.
We now head to the great state of Texas. First we head to Houston, home of NASA Johnson Space Center, then on to College Station to TEEX Disaster City where we will prepare on the ground for impacts....
Ad Astra! (To the Stars!) 

Annette Rodrigues, Disaster Playground Project Manager and retired Payload Crew (Astronaut) Trainer.

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