Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios - June '16

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios stand for Total Bombardment. We are the manufacturers of the Impossible. Designers of extreme experiences. Based in London and everywhere: above the sky and below ground.
We are polymaths working across fields to design the most radical and extreme immersive, innovative and meaningful experiences.

Following the release of both our feature films at SXSW, BFI and now on all digital platforms (Netflix, Amazon etc...) we are now working on our new adventure, a viking investigation of life, space colonization and the underwater world. Expect updates in the coming months. 

The news below cover some of what we have been up to.

  • ISO  play with Savages at the Fillmore
  • We Transfer+ NBH Studios We Can Do It  Campaign
  • Nelly Wired Innovation Award Jury
  • UAL Central Saint Martin's Teaching Award
  • NBH Studios Members Activities
  • Nelly has been Featured in Viewpoint and Hole and Corner Magazines
  • NBH immortalized in a Barbie Doll
  • Disaster Playground Screenings
  • Nelly at TNW Conference with Amazon, Vimeo, Google and Facebook
  • New Social Media channels

ISO and Savages at the Fillmore Theatre

Photograph by Aaron Womack for Riposte Magazine
Blending space science, planet-poking and bluegrass-playing spacecraft operators, the world’s first orchestra composed of space scientists – International Space Orchestra – directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun came together to perform two songs Adore Life and Mechanics with rock band Savages at The Fillmore on 19th April 2016. More details of this wondrous event can be found on our Facebook page.
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WeTransfer - We Can Do It Campaign

"We Can Do It" Campaign Patch
In cooperation with long term partners WeTransfer, Nelly has launched We Can Do It, a campaign that promotes the positive attitude and ambition that has long characterised her work. This series will promote the creative process and showcase talents who aims for the Bold, the Unpolite, the Ambitious in their practice. WeCanDoIt is about showcasing the process of projects which are ambitious and are bigger than the some of their parts.
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Nelly on the Wired Innovation Award Jury

Wired Innovation Award
Nelly Ben Hayoun will be a member of the Jury for this year 2016 Wired Innovation Awards. She will be in charge of nominating leaders in the VR and Experience Design field. The WIRED Innovation Awards will celebrate the most brilliant ideas and achievements in UK science and technology. NBH was awarded one of twelve Wired inaugural Innovation fellowships in 2014 for her work to date and its potential to ‘make a significant impact on the world’.
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 UAL Central Saint Martin's Teaching Award Winner

Nelly celebrates the UAL Teaching Award with some of her students in MA Material Futures in Central Saint Martins
At NBH Studios, we support creative education and younger generations. NBH is senior lecturer and first year leader in the MA Material Futures Department at Central Saint Martins. Her students have recently honored her with a UAL Central Saint Martin's Teaching Award.

Interviews with Nelly

Photograph by Marius W Hansen for Hole&Corner Magazine.
Nelly has recently been featured in both Hole&Corner and Viewpoint Magazines. Nelly was described by Mark Hooper for Hole&Corner as " a force of nature. The person she most reminds me of is the pop star Björk: a bundle of barely contained energy, constantly making mental leaps in conversation – and prone to the most unlikely of artistic collaborations”
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Mattel Makes the Nelly Barbie

Nelly and the personalised Barbie
Three, Two, One, BLAST OFF! Embark on your adventure with the Nelly Ben Hayoun Barbie! Thanks to the skill at Mattel HQ in Los Angeles, USA, we now have a Nelly Ben Hayoun hand crafted Barbie. To thank Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios for our previous collaboration with the company, employees made her own personalised doll.
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Disaster Playground - Screenings

Screenings around the world continue.
Disaster Playground recently screened at the Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Warsaw, and Docville in Belgium. If you have not yet seen the film, you can buy or rent it on Amazon today.

Nelly at TNW Conference

Nelly at the 2016 The Next Web Conference
Nelly hit the stage at TNW Conference in May 2016. She spoke alongside Steve Huffman the co-founder of Reddit, Julie Zhuo the Director of Product Design at Facebook, Zach Klein the co-founder of Vimeo and Werner Vogels the Vice President and CTO of Amazon, amongst many more. The full talk is available online! IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!! THERE WAS CAKE!
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NBH Studios crew

NBH Studios crew - conquering the world!

We have been joined by Edna Pletchero as NBH Studios Head of Music, she has worked with many talented musicians, but most notably Sigur Rós and Jónsi whom she has worked with since 2002. She continues to work with them and other Nordic artists and composers for film, tv, advertisement and any moving image projects that need music. Edna offers NBH Studios 14 years experience in the music industry.

While, Daren Webb, a social media specialist, who has worked within the music industry for the last 15 years, is currently advising us on the expansion of our social media profile and the development of our brand, including the introduction of a more regular newsletter, in depth analysis of our audience, and a more personal touch to our Facebook.

Finally, we are so lucky to have Chloe McClellan amongst our troops! Chloe is our Studios Manager, she has started with us in January this year and since has marveled at multitasking above and beyond!

Annette Rodrigues our Project Manager is now working on the Hilary Clinton Campaign.

Our scientific advisor, Dr. Franck Marchis of the SETI Institute, created a model of a binary asteroid system which shares its orbit with Jupiter - in collaboration with California Academy of Sciences.

Makena Young our Studio Assistant is starting an internship at Commercial Spaceflight Federation in Washington, DC.

Evan Price the International Space Orchestra's Musical Director and two time Grammy Award winner has just spent three days recording material for his debut solo CD on Azica Records.   The album is set for an early 2017 release.

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New Social Media Channels

Over the past few weeks, we've introduced a series of new social media channels to help you follow the progress of Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios and it's array of projects and team members.