Nelly Ben Hayoun wins UAL CSM Teaching Award

London, UK, July 2016

Nelly Ben Hayoun accepted her UAL (University of the Arts) Central Saint Martins Teaching Award on the 20th July 2016.

This award is  student-led and provides the opportunity for students to offer feedback to those staff that have made a positive and significant difference to their learning journey. Over 700 members of staff were nominated and a review panel that comprised of students, academic and support staff and the Students' Union reviewed nomination feedback to shortlist nominees against criteria for excellent teaching and support.

Nelly's students said of her:

"Nelly brings excitement, passion and pure curiosity towards seeking what we truly want to do with the rest of our lives."

"Nelly Ben Hayoun is one of the most remarkable teachers in the world. She is so inspirational not just in word but in deeds. She leads by example, running her own design studio and vibrant practise whilst teaching the first year Material Futures students. She has pushes us to get the best out of us and I can confidently speak for the whole class by saying that she is invaluable ."

"Nelly is always very attentive with e-mails and is available for further discussions in her office. Her work ethic is unparalleled as she does all this and still has time to travel all over the world attending speaking engagements, collaborating, procuring course funding, contacting designers, scientists etc. To say Nelly Ben Hayoun is worthy of esteem is putting it lightly."

"Through her own experience - She is ambitious and proudly speaks out her opinions and views - She uses all her knowledge and network as tools to make us excellent"

"Nelly is amazing at bringing such interesting people to share their knowledge with us, she always has a person or project to suggest for you to look at/ as a ref. She constantly has energy and excitement about what ever it is that she is doing or talking about and I find this a great drive to stay motivated."

"She has created such an amazing empire and we are so fortunate to have her training to help us achieve the same. Nelly supports each and every student as an individual but also as a group, if you ask for her help she is happy to have a chat and see how best to move forward. For a very busy person, she always has time for us."