Nelly Ben Hayoun's talk at Nicer Tuesdays

28th March 2017, London, UK

Nelly Ben Hayoun was one of the speakers at Nicer Tuesdays which took place on 28 March at Oval Space in London. Nelly talked about the launch of the University of the Underground and "blew the audience away with her energy and plans for reforming education."

You can read the full round-up of the event here. Words by It's Nice That

Nelly Ben Hayoun told us about her new free design MA school, the University of the Underground, which will use left-field methods to teach students to innovate, particularly in the field of user experience for public institutions. She hopes the school will help build a “network of dreamers”, and is, therefore, looking for students who “think outside the box” because “let’s face it,” she says, “today you can come up with your own job”.

And you can watch Nelly's talk below