27th June 2021, London, UK

Our latest show on Worldwide FM is now live, listen to it here! Do you know that the Earth travels around the Sun at a speed of 66,780 miles every hour? At that speed, the Earth could actually cover a total distance of 584,337,600 miles around the Sun between your last birthday celebration and next birthday celebration.

IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY! We are throwing a birthday party to celebrate a year of the Nelly Boum Show! Join us in celebrating 1 year of Nelly BOUM with:

-Algerian photographer and 220collective founder Fethi Sahraoui on the Birth of the Prophet and football celebrations in Algeria. @collective220 @fethi.sahraoui
-Joanna Espin, Curator of the Postal Museum on the act of sending birthday cards and The Postal Museum. @thepostalmuseum

-Armenian Institute’s Susan Pattie and Tato Ayvazyan on coffee readings and Armenian celebrations @armenianinstitute
-Sitraka Rakotoniaina’s mum on celebrations in Madagascar

-Balloon legend, Miss Ballooniverse on being a balloon modeller with balloon demonstration @missballooniverse

- A live performance with our producer Sitraka Rakotoniaina @sitraka___

-Yerevan State University Professor Yulia Antonian on Armenian teething ceremony, Agra Hadig, the celebration of a baby losing its 1st tooth @_yerevan_state_university_

-Astrologer to the stars, Shelley von Strunckel on the age of Aquarius- the birth of a new astrological era and her Birth Book @vonstrunckel

-Producer Victoria Adams discussing what she is up to for her birthday this year on 27th july @hellovictoria__

With a guest appearance by the one and only @coach_tasha17 @pedroclubofficial , but also artist Farah Anede @__farah____ and the one and only @chef_rabah and his family thank you all ❤️

Produced by Sitraka Rakotoniaina @sitrakahr and Victoria Adams @hellovictoria__

Next show will be all about MONEY!  Tune in to find out more.