Nelly Boum Show on healing!

24th October 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Allo allo! Back on today 12-2pm bst with a special @amsterdamdanceevent nightlife healing event with brilliant guest host cyborg @neilharbisson ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You can listen back here!

For this special Healing episode of the Nelly Boum Show, we took Amsterdam Dance Event as our sanctuary and journeyed into the theme of Nightlife Healing. This month, tune in as we fuse you to the moon and astral bodies with love and happiness beyond borders. We hope you reconnect with fluorescence, the realm of the dance floor, and cleanse your nightlife chakras. Satisfaction is guaranteed with immediate results. Join us as we magically connect with non-human species and heal your soul with...

‍♀️Crystal healer and tarot card reader Daniëlle van den Stoom opened the session by giving the room a universal reading
Dr Jean-Michel Désert- assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam discusses Exoplanets and the future of the world
Cyrborg artist, Founder of the Cyborg Foundation our fabulous host Neil Harbisson gave a demonstration of his new project with Pol Lombarte which explores the heartbeat, colour and senses. @neilharbisson
Pol Lombarte Cyborg Artist and Artist in Residence at the Cyborg Foundaiton @pollombarte
⛑Founder of Vibe Lab and Former Night Mayor of Amsterdam Mirik Milan who chatted with Neil on club culture @mirikmilan
Olivier van Doorn, expert tea ceremony leader who give a ceremony demonstration and all the guests some tea!

Huge thank you to Amsterdam Dance Event for hosting us, and @subbacultchaaaa 
Produced by @hellovictoria__ and sound production by @sitraka___
Curated by @stippenlift88 for @amsterdamdanceevent

Music this month:
1. Lijadu Sisters - Orere Elejigbo
2. Imarhan - Imuhagh
3. Aida El Shaer - Ah Ya Lamouny
4. Anunaku - Stargate
5. Les Abranis -  Mm li yi kane
6. La Caution - The a la menthe