Nelly Boum Show on Water!

26th September 2021, London, UK

We returned to Worldwide FM last Sunday the 26th September 12-2pm. Moving on from the previous topic of horror, this time we delved into the wonderful world of water (which you can listen back to here)!

Did you know that there is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed... so the water youre drinking today could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank. And, did you know that 75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water? Did you also know that water is the only chemical that expands when it goes from a liquid to a solid? We dove into these questions and many more with our super soggy guests 🐳...

  • Professor Gerry Smyth, academic, musician, actor, playwright and author of Sailor Song: The Shanties and Ballads of the High Seas
  • Environment and politics expert, Dr Naho Mirumachi on Transboundary Water Politics in the Developing World
  • Gardener extraordinaire Andy Mappin on Water Lilies
  • World-renowned underwater explorer, writer, photographer and film-maker @Jill Heinerth on Cave Diving
  • Water advocate, educator, author @Martin Riese on being a water sommelier
  • Cultural practitioner and a curator based in Algiers @Myriam Amroun talking about the water crisis in Algeria
  • Social anthropologist and writer Dr Kaori O’Connor on the Global History of Seaweed
  • Dr Terry Gosliner leading researcher in the evolutionary history of nudibranchs- Sea Slugs

Thank you to all our fantastic guests! And of course both @sitraka___ and @hellovictoria__ on production.

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