Nelly Boum Show

4th July 9-11pm BST on
Starting this 4th July, and featuring live on Worldwide FM monthly the Nelly Boum show is about to lift off thanks to the help and production support by Sitraka Rakotoniaina.
Nelly Boum Show is a  monthly show to discover change makers activating systems from within. With a focus on north africa and caucasian music and experts (but also showcasing international talents), the Nelly Boum Show is a series of inspirational, quirky and funny interviews- and brilliant music-specifically tailored for content creators and independent thinkers and makers of new worlds. Every month, Nelly Boum Show unravels a theme and explores it in a multiverse of possible new futures- we listen and discuss economy, politics, and other systems as we know it through music. Along the way, interviewees share their methods, and models and how they got to do what they are doing. Led by the founder of the University of the Underground, boxer and SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, and NASA International Space orchestra director Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian; the show is a plethora of unique talents and pluralistic thinkers.

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Episode one-  FIRE. 4th July 9 to 11pm
Is liberation only possible through fire? Is fire always connected to revolutions? Did it all start in a fire? How do you fabricate the sound of fire?
This first episode will bring together foley artist, cooking chefs, rappers, climate activists and poets into the production of a 2 hour firework.

-Martin Callanan, Archeologist and Associate Professor at NTNU, specialising in alpine snow patches and frozen cultural heritage in central Norway, Martin will be discussing fire as used by our ancestors directly from the field in Norway.

– Sue Harding, Foley Artist who has worked on over 140 feature films including The Imitation Game and Les Miserable, Sue will be discussing creating the sounds of fire for film.

– Asmaa Jama, Danish-born Somali poet, visual artist and filmmaker, Asmaa will join to share their poetry and talk about their identity as a Somali woman. We will discuss rain, incantation and through fire.

– Lusine Kagramanyan, Armenian DJ who will take us through two tracks she selected with her grandfather, on fire and opera

– Tom Burke, Musician and Designer of experiences who will share his music made on location in Chile and discuss desertification and climate change

– Marcus B. Thomas known as The Black Children Author, who will share a children’s story around the theme fire.

– Alexander Cromer, Florist, Designer of experiences and Musician, who will share one new original track and discuss the potential for new futures in the Black Artic and the multiple deaths of Darius P. Jenkins, a fictional character he created.

– Lengendary Rabah Ourrad aka Donquishoot, Algerian rapper from the first ever Arabic speaking rap band MBS, but also Masterchef judge and a star chef! Rabah will talk about Algeria, protests, the Algerian independence war and Algerian civil war, decolonization and more. He will share an exclusive new track.