Nelly featured in Design Museum's research article on Women in Design

7th December 2018, London, UK

In preparation for 'Women Design', a series of talks discussing ever continuing gender disparity of gender in design, the Design Museum analysed data from the Office for National Statistics, and found that women are dropping out of – or not making it into – the industry after completing education.

The research shows that 22% of those working in jobs associated with design are women, which is an increase of only 4% compared to similar research undertaken in 2004.

Despite 70% of A-Level students take the art or design route, the percentage of women of that continue into professional design practices was found to be profoundly low.

To combat this issue, 'Women Design' (7th Dec 2018) will discuss a variety of topics to make an action plan of how we can improve gender equality in design.

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