In action interview for NEON MOIRE podcast!

22nd June 2018, Leuven, Belgium

Nelly was interviewed by Thomas Dahm for the Neon Moiré Podcast! 

This episode of the Neon Moiré Show was recorded in Leuven, during the and& Summit & Festival. While walking through the city, Thomas Dahm spoke with Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun about the latest adventures of the avant-garde educational institution the University of the Underground, why designing an experience is so important and followed her backstage while she was preparing for her lecture at the Pieter De Somer venue. 

Neon Moiré started out as a 'fear-of-not-missing-out' project and brings the creative festival scene to the listeners or readers home. With a weekly roundup being released every Monday morning at 7.15 CEST! 

You can listen to the podcast here!