Nelly is a juror for Open City Documentary Festival 2018- winners announced!

8th September 2018, London, UK

This year's winners are announced for London's Open City Documentary Festival!

Nelly was on the jury for the Open City Award- an award that exemplifies an author for their in control of their subject matter, craft and story - matching content and form in a powerful and persuasive fashion. The jury was chaired by Sophie Fiennes, and Nelly sat alongside Beatrice Gibson, May Adadol Ingawanij and Mehelli Modi.

The winner for the Open City Award was Flight of a Bullet by Beata Bubenec. 

"This palpably dangerous film is an unforgettable experience. It reflects a combination of the filmmaker’s capacity to be present, intuitive and to fully utilise the digital camera – revealing a new form of observational filmmaking as both durational and dramatic. It captures the disturbing carnivalesque of military operations – and the undecidable nature of the filmmaker’s role in this, where her camera is both witness and weapon/shield."
Honourable mention to The Swing by Cyril Aris for its "impeccable judged framing and profoundly touching meditation on mortality and morality."

To check out the full program of nominees and award winners, click here! 

Open City Docs is home to several projects in the world of documentary. Founded at UCL by Michael Stewart in 2010, Open City Docs is dedicated to developing and supporting non-fiction storytellers. The organisation nurtures the next generation of filmmakers, audio producers and VR filmmakers through training programmes, an annual film festival and other screening projects throughout the year.