Nelly is chairing sessions at the International Astronautical Conference 2020 in Dubai!

12-16 October 2020, The World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

Inspire, Innovate & Discover for the Benefit of Humankind

For the very first time, the IAC will open its doors to the global space community in the United Arab Emirates, the first Arab country to host the IAC since its establishment in 1950. The United Arab Emirates’ interest in astronomy and space sciences dates back to the 1970’s, when His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan met with the NASA team responsible for the Apollo moon landing. This encounter sparked a national focus on space that began almost three decades ago, eventually leading to the birth of a national space sector.
The IAC 2020 Host Organization – the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) – member of the IAF since 2012, was established by the Dubai Government to serve as one of the main pillars to drive the establishment of the knowledge economy and sustainable development in the UAE.
With the theme “Inspire, Innovate & Discover for the Benefit of Humankind”, the IAC 2020 looks forward to making a contribution to humanity and to science by strengthening and enhancing cooperation between all countries in the space sector.

This is your chance to inspire the next generation, to architect the further development and expansion of the space sector’s growing ecosystem. In fact, the IAC 2020 could be your opportunity to contribute in breakthroughs that revolutionise the future of space exploration.
The IAC 2020 comes to the UAE at a fortuitous juncture: it will follow closely on the heels of the launch of the Emirates Mars Mission (Hope Probe), the Arab’s first space exploration craft to Mars. It will also mark the anniversary of the return of the first Emirati astronaut from the International Space Station, and the second anniversary of the launch of KhalifaSat — the first Earth-observation satellite to be produced wholly by Emiratis. These achievements are symbolic of the beginning of a new era in the region; the IAC 2020 will be an opportunity to shed light on how space science and technology can contribute to a nation’s progress.

Nelly will chair three sessions at the International Astronautical Congresses in Dubai!

All panels will circulate themes of 'Space and Society'. Firstly, A4.2 'SETI and Society' will focus on all aspects concerning the societal implications of extraterrestrial intelligence, including public reaction to a discovery, risk communication and the possible impacts on society. Secondly, session E1.6 "Calling Planet Earth - Space Outreach to the General Public" will focus on activities, programs and strategies for engaging the general pubic. This session does not include programs that are conducted within the formal education system. And finally, E1.9 "Space Culture – Public Engagement in Space through Culture". This Session is co-sponsored by the IAF Technical Committee on the Cultural Utilization of Space (ITACCUS) and the IAA Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) permanent committee and will focus the activities of institutions such as museums, space agencies and non-profit organizations involving space that engage the cultural sector. This session focuses on the process, critical thinking and methodologies underlying space education and outreach events. It does not include programs that are conducted within the formal education system.

A4.2 SETI and Society 13th October 2020, 14:45

E1.6 Calling Planet Earth 15th October 2020, 09:45.

E1.9 Space Culture panel will be held on 16th October 2020, at 13:30.

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