Nelly is on Patreon

14th August 2020, Online @ Patreon


Allo, allo?! Nelly Ben Hayoun- Stépanian is calling Patreon! I am creating experiences and currently developing new experimental content (film, experiences etc....) for digital platforms but also live on the radio on Worldwide FM. I'd love to work with you all to experiment in that next phase and make you a part of the process so that I can deliver 'la creme de la creme' of inspiring new content for your own creations! Yes yes- so that you can find new fresh inspirations!!
Let's work together on communicating on that platform- patreon- through Q&A, tutorials or other morse codes! I will test the (extreme) limit of that platform- Patreon- too- since that is a bit of my special.... so see it all happens in here LIVE!!
Support if you can and if you can't just contribute to the conversation, share and participate 🙂

How it Works
If you like what I do for the community and would love to help out in the next- most experimental and raw- phase- join in!!!
Please choose how much you would like to pledge per month and you can select some perks like I am (not) a Monster records personalized texts, and more.

Changed your mind? Don’t worry you can edit or cancel your pledge at any time you want. I am so grateful for your support as it means that I can continue to challenge existing institutions and status quo, produce new experiences, films and fresh content for the community.

If you want to see more of what I did in the past you can see it on my website and also here for the University of the Underground, , on Instagram,Youtube, Twitter and Facebook