Nelly on ArteTracks FR!

20th September 2019, Paris, France

Here it is... We are delighted to show you Nelly's interview with Arte Tracks FR! Arte Tracks FR is a French platform used to broadcast culturally relevant shows. ARTE negotiates the rights to all of these programmes in order to offer an ever-richer range to users outside of France and Germany. If ARTE does not hold the international rights to the video that you would like to watch, the following message will appear: “This video is not available in your country”.

About 55% of the programmes are documentaries, 25% feature films and 15% news-related programmes, while 5% feature music and other performing arts. About two-thirds of the programmes broadcast on ARTE are previously unreleased.

In this episode, Nelly discusses the Soyuz chair and much more- you can watch it here!

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