Nelly on the advisory board for SVLLY (wood) Magazine!

We are thrilled to announce Nelly's involvement with SVLLY (wood) Magazine, as part of the Advisory Board. 

SVLLY (wood) is a publication translating to the socialist vérité underpinnings of a new style of film writing- pronounced like “Sully”. It is a multi-media experimental print and digital magazine, geared toward building a new cinephilia through diverse themes and leftist ideology. They aim to make sure to provide free digital versions of our issues in conjunction with the option of buying a copy to support the D.I.Y indie publication and having archival evidence of our existence. They believe in a non-elitist, unpretentious, democratized, healthy, productive, rigorous, and internationalist cinephilia.

Read more about SVLLY (wood) here!

And you can find their archive here!