Nelly Speaks at Yale School of Architecture / Alternative models of learning Symposium

25th September 2020 online

On Friday 25th September Nelly will host a Q&A at Yale School of Architecture as part of the opening symposium What about learning organised by DSDHA for their Alternative Modes of Learning programme. 

The three sessions on alternative models of learning will welcome a wide-ranging panel of international speakers to share diverse thoughts on dispersed knowledge sharing as a spatial practice in the expanded field.  Speakers include Nelly Ben Hayoun, Mel Dodd, Beatrice Galilee, Sam Jacob, Lesley Lokko, Leroy Street Studio, Roberta Marcaccio, Joel de Mowbray, Alicia Pivaro, RESOLVE, and Neal Shasore. 
The sessions will be structured around the themes of pedagogy, activism and art & community within the built environment, with brilliant contributions from educators, practitioners and provocateurs working in varied contexts. 

DSDHA is a an architecture, urban design and research studio, whose internationally acclaimed work is engaged in a constant search for new forms of beauty and driven by the ethos that “the City is our Client”, placing people to the fore-front of what they do. 

Yale School of Architecture is the constituent professional schools of Yale University. It is generally considered to be one of the best architecture schools in the United States. 

You can see more information about the programme and the symposium here. 

You can register to join the symposium here.