Nelly takes part in KIA's Creativity Drive

Thursday 3rd June 2021, London, England

From the 21st - 22nd April Nelly participated in a 2 day virtual 'Hackathon' as part of a Creative Drive for car manufacturer Kia, partnering with Sweden-based learning specialists Hyper Island. She was hooked up with a team of innovators, educators and challengers, in an effort to collaborate on providing a solution to how change can be stimulated regarding acknowledging creativity in the education of young people.

Among her team were Immersive Content Designer, Shay Samuel Benish, Creative Technologist, Daniele Tatasciore and Nathalie Bucher, A Colour, Material and Finishes Designer at Kia Design Europe.

The chosen outcome from the Kia Hackathon reveals that the best ideas start with asking questions. Creativity is born from imagination and inspiration. Therefore, Kia are developing a creativity tool that inspires children to ask surprising, wonderful and revealing questions. Moving their ideas forward.

More information about Kia's Creativity Drive, here!

Link to Nelly's Creator film, here!