Nelly talks to The Drum about legendary hero David Bowie


"David Bowie leaves a towering creative legacy, but what of his influence on design?", asks Lynda Relph-Knight in her tribute article about the legendary musician for international publication The Drum. Along with highly renowned and critically acclaimed designers Neville Brody, Malcolm Garrett, Paul West, Jamie Ellul and Jonathan Barnbrook, she went on to ask Nelly about the multifaceted artist's impact on her life and work as a designer.

Lynda-Relph-Knight currently acts as a Consulting Design Editor for The Drum. She has more than 20 years experience in the design sphere and formerly worked for two decades as an Editor for Design Week until 2011. She is an honorary fellow of London’s Royal College of Art, a Titan (advisor) at the School for Startups, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a visiting fellow of University of the Arts London and a member of D&AD. She is on the advisory panels of the Associate Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group and The Sorrell Foundation’s National Art & Design Saturday Club.

Sound and Vision: David Bowie's relationship with graphic design

Words by Lynda Relph-Knight.

The idea of entering unchartered realms underpins everything French experience designer Nelly Ben-Hayoun does. She is greatly influenced by Bowie, she says, and ‘Ground Control’ was the theme for the first International Space Orchestra she devised with space agency Nasa in 2012.

“He focused on the narrative, which is so important for design,” she says. “He was bold enough to look for complexity when we are so often told to keep it simple.”

She talks of him being her “partner in crime”. “Every creative has to have someone who makes us believe we can achieve the impossible,” she says. For her Bowie was that.

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