Nelly's take on the UK Election in Dezeen

9th June 2017, London UK

Following the General Election in the UK on 8th of June 2017, Dezeen talked to UK based architects and designers about their thoughts on the surprising results. Nelly Ben Hayoun was one of the interviewed creatives who have shared her sentiment about the unexpected turn of events:

"In my studio, we pride ourselves for designing experiences that exist between the realm of the impossible, chaos and the scientific sublime. Now it seems like the UK is now giving us this pleasurable message that, finally, we are in line with each other. Disorder as a form of unknown pleasure is not new, Joy Division, JG Ballard and many others in the UK saw it coming.

"Right now, all I can say is that I am ecstatic by the results, happy to see that the Labour Party has won so many more seats, and I am confident that in the future they will soon run the parliament, if not the country. Now we are talking. It is time to take over Number 10.

"I believe that innovation rises from conflict. So in this political context of a hung parliament, which ultimately will result in conflicts inside parliament and passive actions – will only support public action against Brexit and activities outside the realm of the expected. Now, more than ever, is the time to be living in the unconventional UK."

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